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MARX. We include progress.


In 2007 the manufacture of foundry-ladles for transporting liquid metal was completely redesigned at the plants in Iserlohn, Hennigsdorf, Donauwörth, the manufacturing area was increased at each site to approx. 1,000 m² and the manufacturing equipment was upgraded.

This enabled us to improve the proximity to customers in Europe.

Over 45 years of foundry experience in the melting and heating areas and state of the art technology provide a secure basis for the development of melting, heating and liquid metal transport facilities.

Our delivery program consists of casting, transport, and treatment ladles, all of which are adjusted to meet the measurements that the customer requests.

45t FWH_70x70.jpg 

Crane foundry ladles

Capacity accourding to customer request, Tilt drive for manual operation, pneumatic or electronic tilting


Treatment ladles

Capacity accourding to customer request

Stopfenpfanne 01_70x70.jpg 

Bottom pouring ladles

Capacity accourding to customer request


Ladles - special applications

Drum ladle, C-suspension with a foundry cauldron as change-over ladle, Further constructions according customer request


24h Standby: +49 (0)172 - 279 95 64

If this 24 h emergency number is not available you can also reach us with one of the following telephone numbers: 

+49 (0)172 - 275 35 62


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